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Owning a ranch can be a fulfilling experience. Here’s what you need to know about ranch properties in Routt County, Colorado.

Ranch Properties in Routt County

Routt County ranches are available in sizes of up to many thousands of acres. Some of the most coveted properties can be found in the Williams Fork River and Elk valleys, as well as near the junction of the Yampa and Elk rivers.

These ranches feature hay meadows and upland pastures ideal for grazing. Tucked away in one of the most scenic places in Colorado, Routt County ranches are surrounded by lush vegetation – grass, riparian, sage, dark timber, mountain oaks, and aspen groves populate the area and provide shelter to elk, black bear, mule deer, and other wildlife.

Nearly 30,000 elks are scattered across millions of acres of private and public land in Routt County. As such, many of the ranch properties here are excellent spots for guided private-land hunts.

Anglers will also find incredible deals in Routt County. Some ranches serve as fishing properties, offering access to waters where you’re allowed to catch brown trout. Outbuildings like houses, caretaker’s homes, barns, hunting lodges, and horse shelters may also be found on such properties.

You can also purchase ranches with no conservation easement or restrictions of future usage, granting you a great deal of freedom and flexibility.

Many ranches are conveniently located within 10 minutes of the Yampa Valley Regional Airport, and within 20 minutes of Downtown Steamboat Springs, allowing for a quick change in scenery in case you need to fly out or do some shopping.

If you’re in the market for a ranch, let me, Mark Stine, assist you. Call me at (970) 879-7883 or send an email to mark(at)markstine(dotted)com.

Buying a Ranch

There are many reasons to buy a ranch. The lure of vast, open spaces can be irresistible. For one, it can serve as a hobby farm, where you can raise cattle with no pressure of generating substantial profit.

But the main difference between an operating ranch and a farm is that the former requires less machinery or inputs like fertilizer or pesticides. It is marked primarily by livestock operations.

A ranch, as well as a “ranchette”— a privately-held farm that has been converted into a rural residential property – is ideal for those who want to follow their pastoral pursuits, but not necessarily run full-scale operations or use the ranch as a primary source of income.

Ranchland, or land that is suitable for grazing and agricultural production, is often a solid investment.

In its natural state, ranchland will continue to produce grass for grazing, with no intervention necessary. However, you will likely need ranch hands to help with livestock operations.

Most good-quality ranches have features that don’t directly contribute to livestock operations. Fishable waters, the presence of elk and deer for hunting, and opportunities for a range of outdoor activities can add value to the property.

Why Choose Routt County?

Routt County is a wonderful place to invest on ranch properties. Ranching has played a vital role in the local economy and culture for more than a century. As such, ranchland not only has productive value, but environmental and rural cultural value as well.

Nothing compares to the scenery of ranch open space surrounding Steamboat Springs. Ranchland is such a premium that residents are willing to pay a price for the conservation of these areas.

Grab the rare opportunity to own a ranch in Routt County. Get in touch with me, Mark Stine, to explore your options. Call (970) 879-7883 or send an email to mark(at)markstine(dotted)comm.

Ranches for Sale in Steamboat Springs Colorado

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